Temple Brewing Co. Okinawa Sour Blonde Ale from the guys in Brunswick’s East. When typhoon Pabuk comes bearing down on Kata Beach (it’s a nothing burger here, wouldn’t even make the news in Sydney) you grab a sour blonde from Temple Brewing Co. Haven’t tried anything previously from Temple, I must say I’m very impressed by their responsible approach to water conservation and energy!
With Chang destroying my palate each day I’ve found that the last couple of Aussie craft beers have been insanely good. Almost makes me think I should drink a shit beer at home in between the good crafts!
Anyhoo, this beer poured a lemony colour with a small off white head (thx Richie Benaud RIP). Strong nose of lemon, grapefruit and what I assume is Shikuwasa Juice from the Shikuwasa fruit in Okinawa, Japan, the key ingredient in this sour. It has a nice sour tarty mouth feel with a citrus finish. I don’t normally love blondes, if not done exceptionally well they can be watery and flavourless. This however was refreshing, very tart, just devine. Look forward to sampling more from Temple. Well done! Tim