If you had said to me a year ago that there would be a whole heap of Pilsners in my fridge I would have laughed. No one did it, and certainly no one did it well. I reviewed the @kaijubeer Paradise Pils the other day and have been drinking just as much of the @waywardbrewingPilsner. A truer to style version, both Tim and I left the Wayward can launch party a few months ago raving about this beer. My thoughts haven’t changed. Clean, fresh, subtle, balanced. Delicious. Drink up!! Can. Pours a light gold with small white head and good clarity. Subdued aromas of bread malt, followed by pepper, stone fruit, citrus and flowers. Peppery and citrus hops to start, with subtle bready notes in the background. Very well balanced, great carbonation, dry and extremely refreshing. Really good pils.

3.7/5. Trent.