Kent Falls Brewing Co Ellita Baby Saison from Connecticut USA. The philsophy behind these guys is awesome, it’s real farm to table stuff where they raise free range pigs, have an apple orchard, grow their own hops and develop their own yeast strains. They have been developing Saccharomyces wild yeast strains Brettanomyces or Brett which quite popular now and a diverse range of bacteria Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, etc which for me is really where it’s at at the moment, @wildflowerbeer being a good example of this along with @prairieales
Back to this beer. A baby saison (baby?) Brewed with pilsner malts, hops from a previous fermentation and a distinct stone fruit aroma. Pours a nice straw yellow with strong notes of stone fruit, bready malts and some light esters. Light and airy mouthfeel with subdued hops. The stone fruit is not overly powerful letting the subtleties of this brew realling shine through. At 3% it’s on the lighter side of things but boy the taste is unbelievable. Could be my favourite saison so far and I’ve had some rubbish sweet ones lately. Thanks for donating this one Ads, loved it!