Sailor’s Grave Brewing Autumn Farmhouse Ale with rye and carrot seed flowers, I know right carrot seed flowers….. I had to look it up! To be honest I’ve never tried it before so can’t comment on what the flavour should be. Rye is quite common however lately I’ve mainly had it in red IPA’s which have been awesome. This is my first rye farmhouse from the brewers down south.

Pours a nice farmhousy gold with strong bready yeast and rye on the nose. There is another subtle flavour note on the nose which to me is carrot itself but I’m not sure if my brain is highly suggestable or it’s really there. Really nice carbonation and most importantly not overly sweet, which for me has been a problem lately, far too many sweet farmhouse ales and saisons. They are revolting sweet! Nice hoppy back of the throat but subtle enough that the bitterness doesn’t kill the delicate yeast and flavours. This would have been better on a hot sticky day unlike the crappy weather in Sydney at the moment though I still really loved it. At 5.9% it’s got a bit of attitude too which is great. Well done guys, a very interesting and pleasant take on an old classic!