Two Birds Brewing Peachy Steen peach and mangosteen sour. Love the ladies from two birds, genuinely some of the nicest people in the business! Mangosteen, also known as the purple mangosteen, is a tropical evergreen tree believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands of the Malay archipelago and the Moluccas of Indonesia. I’ve had it in Saba before and it’s an extremely subtle fruit. I was very curious to see how such a delicate fruit would go in a quite tart sour, with peach no less!
Pours a nice peachy golden yellow with a pretty decent head and lacing for a sour. Some good carbonation with a strong nose of peach. Moves on to a nice tart middle with some nice citrusy hops adding a gentle bitterness at the back of the throat. If you hadn’t tried mangosteen before you would miss it, I got it but it was very subtle which I quite like to be honest. This is a delicate, subtle, well refined sour. Needs to be drunk on a fresh virgin palate otherwise you will miss the clever arrangement of this brew. Well done birds!