@gabsfestival 2019 done and dusted. Probably the best beers Trent and I have been served since we starting going many years ago in Redfern. This year we finally plucked up the courage to do the double session. Was great to catch up with @mark_neal head brewer @basementbrewhouse over a few beers from @oddculturebar. We bumped into @slybeer who it turns out is an awesome chick! Someone mentioned free beer and poof in slides @pintsofperriman for a chat. We missed Pete from @waywardbrewing this year so will have to swing by the brewhouse. Pat as always was highly entertaining @willietheboatman stall. Only thing I was highly critical of was the service, I get that it’s hardwork and still voluntary etc but jeez in that first session it was mostly terrible. Anyways all good, can’t wait for next year. Trent and my top 3 in no particular order:
Trent: @waywardbrewing coffee and donuts stout @garageproject Aunt Sallys slice of sunshine fruit beer and @frenchiesbb Rose Brut IPA.
Tim: @garageproject Aunt Sallys slice of sunshine fruit beer @waywardbrewing coffee and donuts stout and @moorebeerbrewing Double Poppa NEIPA