Bridge Road’s wonderful barrel ageing program, Mayday Hills has come up with another Brettanomyces delight with the Rhubarb, adding 100kg of locally stewed rhubarb into a light Berliner Weisse that’s spent time in a foedar. It’s a really interesting beer that adds more complexity than your usual Berliner Weisse, yet remains light and refreshing. @maydayhills are hard to find in Sydney, but I love them, and always grab a couple when I see them.
Bottle. Pours a light cloudy straw colour, with a flush of pink. Slightly peppery and sour wheat notes, with wooden backnotes and funky, barnyard brett. Quite a light sourness for a Berliner Weisse, but there is added complexity with the addition of the brett. Tartness comes from wheat and the rhubarb (along with a touch of sweetness), the brett is funky and horsey, the foedars add wood and earth, and there is a light, citrus flower finish.

3.7/5. Trent