I can be a little Sydney/Melbourne centric in my posts I’m sorry, but it really only has to do with accessibility in my local haunts.
So to say I was excited to receive this beer gift from Brisbane’s inner south @slipstreambrewing is an understatement. I’m always keen to explore beer from around this great land, and the Anniversary Ale II Imperial Stout is a great introduction to Slipstream for me, considering how much I love stout and the cool nights we’ve been having. Brewed for their second anniversary, thanks very much for letting me share your birthday with you. I can’t wait to drink Anniversary III!
Can. Pours a thick, oily black with finger width tan head that retains beautifully and sticks heavily to the glass. Amazingly rich aromas of dark and milk chocolate, cold drip coffee, berries, dark caramel and grassy hops. Big, boozy, thick and rich. Bitter chocolate dominates the front of the palate, along with berries, coffee grounds, hints of dark rum and heavily roasted malts to finish. Beautifully smooth.

3.8/5. Trent