I’ve been drinking craft beer for almost 20 years, and there has always been @holgatebeer . Nestled in the central Victorian town of Woodend, the husband and wife team have been brewing beers in their brewpub since 1999, a time when the Australian scene was very bleak. Brewpubs are my favourite type of brewery, adding a real sense of community, especially in a regional town. Hopefully I get to travel through that part of Victoria one day.
To celebrate a double decade and the first Holgate beer (an ESB), they’ve brewed a Double ESB!! I love English style beers, and this is really good. As with all of these styles, it’s much better when it’s warmed up a bit, probably about 8-10 degrees in this case. I’d love to drink it on hand pump. Happy birthday Holgate, and I hope there’s plenty to come.
Can. Pours deep, murky caramel with a small off white head. Aromas of caramel, toffee, bread malt, honey and vegetative hops. Caramel and toffee malts dominate, with hints of banana and honey, but the earthy, spicy hops (East Kent Golding) prevent it becoming too sweet, despite being very much a complex, malty beer. The increased malts to create the ABV adds a rich mouthfeel.

3.8/5. Trent